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To me art is like a plant that grows towards the light.

Painting is about the combination of form and content. It is a game of directing and letting go. Every action arises from choices with regard to the image, the technique and the motif for painting. It is not only about technology and knowledge of materials, these increase the possibilities, but are not all-determining. Just as free expression and imagination are not enough on their own.

According to Robert Motherwell, the question “what does this painting mean” is essentially unanswerable, except with the addition of “hundreds of decisions by brush“.

Image and meaning

When is the artwork autonomous? This is a recurring question when I paint, draw or work with textiles. I often work on several things at the same time, each work has its own time and concentration. Freedom and associative thinking are preconditions for making something. I do not work according to a step-by-step plan, but I also do not work without direction or idea, there must be a necessity. For me it is about the interaction between perception and thinking, between image and meaning.


Observation and perception are important themes in my work. What is being without perception? And how true is what is perceived? I find these interesting questions and painting is pre-eminently a visual affair. Painting is also an act, it is physical and direct. Everything you do contributes to the image, every action influences the overall picture and the expressiveness of a work.

Visual language

My visual language is both figurative and abstract, I do not limit myself to one or the other. Everything depends on the motivation of the work, what gives it meaning. Over the years, certain shapes and colors appear to return again and again. For me, painting is form and color. A curved line can have as much meaning and expressiveness as a specific color. Shapes relate to each other in a composition, just like colors. I love Vincent van Gogh’s statement about this “you should always compare things well, especially in tone; painting is algebra, that stands to that, as that to that (…) ”.

In the past I have worked on perception and the body. “Your body is your perspective“, bound by time and place, from physical experiences to the body as a dungeon, “Soma sema”. The body moved in a space, “The unseen landscape”, the landscape as context, on or below the horizon. Today, the so-called landscape is a space full of phenomena that strive for their own nature.

Text F.S. Scholten 2019

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