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Colab arte texto

Naar aanleiding van een ontmoeting online met Marifé Medrano Flor uit Mexico werkte ik mee aan Colab Arte Texto op Instagram. Hiervoor maakte ik een visuele mindmap en deed mee aan een interview.


1) How old are you and what is your nationality?
I am Dutch and finished Art Academy in 1998.

3) How would you define your creative process? (Intuitive, organic, analytic, etc)
To be able to work creatively it is important that I feel a certain urge and joy to make something. Painting is a different method than crocheting or working with textiles. Not only in duration, but also in concentration. It is a process of directing and letting go, where everything is possible, that freedom is of great importance. Freedom and associative thinking are preconditions for making art. It is the interaction between perception and thinking, between image and meaning.

4) What are the main concepts that are present in your artwork? (Body, territory, nature, the imaginary) Why?
Perception, observation and being bound to one’s own body, life force and vitality are recurring themes in my work. But in fact anything can be an inspiration, it’s how you look at things.

5) In your site you mention that “a curved line can have much meaning and expressiveness as an specific color”, so, how would you define within your work the importance of the line?
For me, painting is form and color. A line can have as much meaning and expressiveness as a color. Shapes and lines relate to each other in a composition, just like colors. Everything you do in the painting matters and contributes to the end result.

6) Visually your artwork stands out by the vibrant use of colors, I would like to know what role color has in your artwork?
Color is indeed richly present in my work. Perhaps this is because I am a painter, light and color are important visual means for painting. Color has a lot of eloquence, you could compare it with musical sounds.

7) To finish I would like to ask you about your textile artwork, how would you describe the performativity of these pieces? You conceive them as autonomous living organisms?
I don’t see them as organisms, the works stand by themselves and are what they are.

Het resultaat, afbeeldingen en tekst op Instagram:

Mixed media, acrylverf, collage op papier, 30 x 21 cm. 2020.

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