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Growing Plants

Fenomenen streven naar hun eigen aard, als groeiende planten in een ecosysteem.

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Burgeons by stages into flower and fruit,
Bursts from the seed so soon as fertile earth
Sends it to life from her sweet bosom, and
Commends the unfolding of the delicate leaf
To the sacred goad of ever-moving light!
Asleep within the seed the power lies,
Foreshadowed pattern, folded in the shell,
Root, leaf, and germ, pale and half-formed.
The nub of tranquil life, kept safe and dry,
Swells upward, trusting to the gentle dew
Soaring apace from out the enfolding night.
Artless the shape that first bursts into light.

The infinite freedom of the growing leaf.
Yet nature bids a halt; her mighty hands,
Gently directing even higher perfection,
Narrow the vessels, moderate the sap;
And soon the form exhibits subtle change.
The spreading fringes quietly withdraw,
Letting the leafless stalk rise up alone.
More delicate the stem that carries now
A wondrous growth. Enchanted is the eye.

The Metamorphosis of Plants, J. W. von Goethe.

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